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A College-Prep, Independent Day
School for Grades 8-12


Getting involved is easy at York. Joining a club is one of the best ways to: 

  • meet new people
  • explore interests outside the classroom
  • be a leader
  • serve local communities

Our club line-up is varied, and driven each year by student interest. Inspired by something not on the list? Start a new club!


Young advocates for chess who mainly meet for the pleasure of the game, with instruction and tips about how to improve their skills and occasional tournaments with prizes. This club meets on B-days at lunch in the commons to play chess, compete in chess tournaments, eat food and share stories.


Classical Honors Society is a club designed for students how are passionate for and excel in classical langues, and share their passions with the rest of the school. Classical Honors Society is will meet on F days during lunch. 


Finance Club sponsored by Mr. Colby. We will meet E days. We hope to teach members about interesting financial topics and run a stock market simulator competition. (No real money involved, akin to playing poker with matchsticks. If the stock you picked goes up you get points).


This is a invitation on club for French students, they explore outreach opportunities interacting with other french speaking cultures.


We believe that now is the time to get young Americans (non-citizens included) informed about the challenges they face as the future of this Republic, and to connect them to organizations who share their passion in the interest of creating a more prosperous, and Just community, nation, and world.
Our mission is to help students of different backgrounds and philosophies become civically engaged, and we do this in a number of ways. The first and most prominent of which is our activism fair.


This is a junior engineering club that gets together to solve real life problems.


JSA stands for "Junior State of America", and it's an engaging, fun club where you learn about debate, politics, government, and law. The club travels to 3 conferences each year to debate with hundreds of other students from schools across Northern California. 


This is a community service club which works on a variety of community service projects.  They meet occasionally in room 4 on C-days.


This club gets together to make knitting projects.  It meets C-days at lunch in room 22.


Collects student writing, poetry, and artwork throughout the academic year. This club occasionally hold open night cafe nights and produces a literary magazine at the end of the year. 


Model UN club is an opportunity for students to learn more about international relations and current events by debating and attending conferences at Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Teresa High School. Club members have the chance to act out the roles of UN diplomats and work with other students to resolve global issues. MUN is a great way for students to improve their public speaking, debate, and diplomacy skills as well as increase their knowledge about global and current affairs.


The club would help support the Remera Mbogo Orphanage in Rwanda through doing local fundraisers and also send love by writing letters, sending gifts, and facetiming them. The club would decide on one area to focus improving each year and organize a series of events (including both fundraising and learning about culture). The Remera Mbogo Orphanage took in many children during the Rwandan genocide and the lasting effects from the genocide are still causing many more children to enter today.


Discusses issues facing teens today, specifically involving gender identity and stereotyping, to promote tolerance and understanding.


Builds, designs, and programs robots for different competitions and activities at school. No previous knowledge of programming or designing robots is necessary.

In 2014, a group of York students founded Deus Ex Machina, the school’s first FRC team. Our team won the Rookie All-Star Award and advanced to the international championship in St. Louis, Missouri. Since all but two members graduated, 2015 was akin to a second rookie year for York. Fortunately, recruitment from all grade levels in 2016 allowed us to build up experience to ensure the continued existence of the team. When the 2017 FRC season started, returning students made up nearly half our team. At the end of our 2017 season we received the GM Industrial Design Award at the Silicon Valley Regional, one of only two design awards given at arguably the most competitive regional event in the country.
We are preparing for the 2018 FRC season with 12 experienced, returning students. Thanks to the assistance from two helpful mentors (Dr. Tim Stanton and Duane Davis, both from NPS), we can provide new team members the opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary effort that goes well beyond the building of a robot. Consisting of numerous subgroups—management and fundraising, graphic and web design, engineering, programming, and more—the team not only constructs a working robot, but also gains invaluable real-world skills. In addition to participating in a competition, we are learning to collaborate—perhaps the most important skill gained throughout the course of the entire season—and to work closely with other clubs in our region to advance the aims of FIRST.


This club meets and plays video games.


  • This club will be focusing on technology, including computers, smart phones, games, audio products, drones, wearables, etc. Our main focus is computer, but we will spend time talking about other tech devices as well.There is no commitment to the club, but when we are preparing for an event, participants who decided to be part of the team will be responsible to attend club meetings.


This club meets to organize and practice TED talks for the York TEDX event.


This is a group of students who organize outdoor trips including camping trips, beach clean ups and ski trips.  They do not have regular meetings but just hold informational and organizational meetings before any trip


Produces the York School yearbook, The Peregrine. This club meets A, C, D and F days at 7:45 in the mac lab.

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